Saturday, 6 August 2011

Revised date for launch of new party website

This will now go live on Monday 8th August 2011

We have already received articles from the UK, US, Switzerland and Italy for the launch, plus the usual parish notices, however if you would like to contribute please email your piece to

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Membership Acknowledgement Delay

There will be a delay of twenty four hours for membership acknowledgements for those members rejoining and renewing yesterday and today due to the upload to server of the new site and testing.


Friday, 29 July 2011

Party Consultation

The Libertarian Party has received a consultation letter from Alex Attwood MLA, Minister at the Department of Environment in Northern Ireland in relation to the display of election Posters in Northern Ireland being subject to planning regulations.

If any member wishes to see a copy of this letter and would like some input into our response, please email

We have to reply no later than Friday 12th August 2011

NB: This notice will be replicated on when it goes live on or around 6th August 2011

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Target Date

The target date for is now the 6th August 2011. This will not be fully functioning.

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Monday, 25 July 2011

Notice 25th July 2011

For the past three months the Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom has been unable to have a say on national and international events,instead concentrating on internal disputes.

While a few have dedicated their time to hitting the keyboard with the daily hate, it has been necessary for the legally responsible officers to move forward with tasks that will see the continued existence of the Libertarian Party.

On the 29th June the party faced a mandatory de-registration by the Electoral Commission,a situation that the responsible officers have so far prevented from happening. We are also pleased that the financial plan in place with the Electoral Commission has succeeded and the party again enjoys solvency. Operational Standing orders are in place for financial matters overseen by a committee of four Libertarian Party UK members.

The membership function was returned to the officers at the beginning of June and all members that have maintained their membership will shortly be receiving an outline of an action plan to take the party through to 2012 via the postal services.

On Friday 22nd July 2011, the responsible officers received a letter from the Electoral Commission that gave an 'avoidance of doubt' position as far as the Law is concerned. This is already available to the NCC and will be copied to all current party members.

The Party has a new website under construction

It will be designed to promote the Libertarian Party UK to the public, to outline our policies,provide party news, information and contact details, to promote regional party affiliations and to respond to political matters on behalf of the Party. It will not be a 'blog' where you can vent your spleen and repel the public.

Many ideas have been put forward on the future of the party, some good, some bad and many that are unworkable for a political party within the constraints of its legal obligations. However as some of these have come from outside the party they cannot be considered as amendments to the current constitution any more than we could draw up alternative constitutions for other parties

It is time to move forward. Those who wish to see the party prosper will stay with the party, whilst those who wish it harm will continue to attack it at every level and we bid them farewell. We will not indulge in flame wars and will use all influence to prevent such attacks on others.

The violent imagery of stringing up politicians and stabbing them until they bleed to death is puerile and narcissist.It has no place in a political party likewise it has no place in the Libertarian lexicon. Norway is currently counting the cost of such imagery by one alleged destructive and deranged individual.

We see the party slowly moving out of the Internet arena as its primary engagement mechanism, and happy that engaging with the public directly is proving more conducive.Our aim is to quicken the pace in this respect.

In 1944 Hayek said the words Liberty and Freedom were the most abused words in the English language and all we were left with is tolerance. Sixty years on that tolerance is under threat

Nic Coome

Party Chairman
Libertarian Party

n.b. This notice is published after consultation with all the legally responsible officers and as many members of the NCC as could be engaged.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Ash Scotland the Fake charity.

I don't smoke, I will never smoke, smoking is a life style choice and if you as an individual want to die early then that is your choice, just don't get me involved in your life style decisions and don't expect me as an individual to pay for YOUR life style mistakes. You own your own life, body and no one else, so take responsibility for your own life and don't expect the rest of us to bail you out.

However there is an organisation called Ash Scotland who claim they "We play a key role in raising awareness about tobacco use and its harmful effects" which is fine, I have no issues with voluntary/charity groups offering advise on cigarettes or to educate the public on the dangerous of cigarettes.

The twist is Ash Scotland is not a charity, it is not even a voluntary organisation but funded virtually 100% by your money and with out your consent. I would not have a problem with the organisation if it was funded by voluntary donations but it is funded by money that has been taken from us by force or may I say taxes..

It would be no difference of my self running a charity called "Anti Drinking" then going around with a gun, using force on individuals to fund the organisation. Ash Scotland is no more than a fake charity, funded by money that was stolen from you the general public.

Not just being a fake charity, it also spends a lot of its resources lobbying government, and does so successfully, and for an organisation funded by taxes clearly undermines the democratic system of this country.

The government is accountable to the people of this country not another government organisation or in this case a fake charity funded by your money with out your consent, but even worse it is what this organisation campaigns for that every citizen of this country should be concerned about.

On the website "ASH Scotland campaigns for effective tobacco control policies in Scotland." or in other words a totalitarian/police state, individuals should be free to decide on their own life style choices with out state interference. As an example Ash Scotland campaigns for banning of cigarettes display, public smoking ban or as far as dictating laws on private property, these laws issued only after Ash Scotland lobbying undermines some of the freedoms we enjoy in this country.

For example the ban on the display of cigarettes or advertising undermined the right of a smoker on making an informed choice or smoking ban in pubs (inc smoking in your own car) is a blighted interference on the individuals property rights. If you own your own pub, it is up to you the pub owner to dictate the rules and not the state, individuals are free visit or not visit the pub irrelevant of the health risks. No one is forcing the individual to enter the pub or not, and if government is banning smoking in a pub what is stopping government from banning smoking in an individuals home.

An organisation called freedom2choose has highlighted other issues with Ash Scotland including highlighting some of Ash Scotland amateur research into the effects of passive smoking and the endless corruption within the organisation. I would advise all individuals who respect liberty and freedom to contact their local MSP, and stop government funding of this fake charity calling it self Ash Scotland.
UK public borrowing higher than expected in April

UK public borrowing higher than expected in April

It was only last year that virtually all political parties promised to bring borrowing under control. We already have record taxes and record spending, inflation already hitting 5%, when our we going to see the end of this continuing inflating government.