Monday, 30 November 2009

Message From NZ Libertarians

To Chris Mounsey - on behalf of Libertarianz, the New Zealand Libertarian Party, I would like to extend congratulations on assuming the leadership of LPUK. We libertarians from the Antipodes have been following the fortunes of the LPUK closely, and we wish you all the best.

To Ian Parker-Joseph - thank you for your efforts in getting the LPUK off the ground. So many people have never even heard the word 'libertarian', can't pronounce it and don't know what it means. Hopefully over time, thanks to people like yourself, and (hopefully) we Kiwi freedom fighters, more people will switch on to the ideas of personal liberty and minimal government.

Hope your recent conference went well.

Richard G McGrath * Leader, Libertarianz Party

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Glasgow North East

Just a quick note on the recent Glasgow North East by election on the 12th of November.
I realise that many of party members were very keen to to put forward a candidate for Glasgow North East. However, as many of those who know the area suspected, the final results from it showed that this was never going to be a good constituency for the LPUK to fight for.
I personally feel that though it may have been frustrating to be watching from the sidelines instead of being out campaigning for the party, the decision to sit this one out was probably the correct one.
Glasgow North East has always been a safe Labour seat, the Conservatives were pushed into relative obscurity and UKIP didn't even bother to field a candidate because of their poor record there.
Our resources could definitely be put towards more fruitful endeavours in the near future.
The time will come when the LPUK contests in an election in Scotland. In the meantime it is important to be patient and lay the essential groundwork beforehand.

Duncan Soutar
(Scottish National Coordinator)