Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Ash Scotland the Fake charity.

I don't smoke, I will never smoke, smoking is a life style choice and if you as an individual want to die early then that is your choice, just don't get me involved in your life style decisions and don't expect me as an individual to pay for YOUR life style mistakes. You own your own life, body and no one else, so take responsibility for your own life and don't expect the rest of us to bail you out.

However there is an organisation called Ash Scotland who claim they "We play a key role in raising awareness about tobacco use and its harmful effects" which is fine, I have no issues with voluntary/charity groups offering advise on cigarettes or to educate the public on the dangerous of cigarettes.

The twist is Ash Scotland is not a charity, it is not even a voluntary organisation but funded virtually 100% by your money and with out your consent. I would not have a problem with the organisation if it was funded by voluntary donations but it is funded by money that has been taken from us by force or may I say taxes..

It would be no difference of my self running a charity called "Anti Drinking" then going around with a gun, using force on individuals to fund the organisation. Ash Scotland is no more than a fake charity, funded by money that was stolen from you the general public.

Not just being a fake charity, it also spends a lot of its resources lobbying government, and does so successfully, and for an organisation funded by taxes clearly undermines the democratic system of this country.

The government is accountable to the people of this country not another government organisation or in this case a fake charity funded by your money with out your consent, but even worse it is what this organisation campaigns for that every citizen of this country should be concerned about.

On the website "ASH Scotland campaigns for effective tobacco control policies in Scotland." or in other words a totalitarian/police state, individuals should be free to decide on their own life style choices with out state interference. As an example Ash Scotland campaigns for banning of cigarettes display, public smoking ban or as far as dictating laws on private property, these laws issued only after Ash Scotland lobbying undermines some of the freedoms we enjoy in this country.

For example the ban on the display of cigarettes or advertising undermined the right of a smoker on making an informed choice or smoking ban in pubs (inc smoking in your own car) is a blighted interference on the individuals property rights. If you own your own pub, it is up to you the pub owner to dictate the rules and not the state, individuals are free visit or not visit the pub irrelevant of the health risks. No one is forcing the individual to enter the pub or not, and if government is banning smoking in a pub what is stopping government from banning smoking in an individuals home.

An organisation called freedom2choose has highlighted other issues with Ash Scotland including highlighting some of Ash Scotland amateur research into the effects of passive smoking and the endless corruption within the organisation. I would advise all individuals who respect liberty and freedom to contact their local MSP, and stop government funding of this fake charity calling it self Ash Scotland.
UK public borrowing higher than expected in April

UK public borrowing higher than expected in April

It was only last year that virtually all political parties promised to bring borrowing under control. We already have record taxes and record spending, inflation already hitting 5%, when our we going to see the end of this continuing inflating government.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Double Debt.

In the last election, the population voted the conservatives, with the hope that the government would control this out of control debt, however in the last few months, under public union bribery, lobbying, threats of strikes, labour supported ukuncut street violence, civil service (those who run government) pressure and the recent public sector union rally. With this pressure on government, these so called cut backs, when accounting for inflation equates to just 3%.

So to pay off this out of control debt, government has resulted into further tax increases (breaking manifesto pledges) and even more being borrowed than expected. Just remember every time government increases taxes or borrows money, then the more money is taken from the private sector. Every penny taken out from the private sector effects all of us, limiting credit, pay freezes, pay cuts to job losses. Even after years of government borrowing all this money, jobs continue to be lost, prices continue to rise and the average pay continues to drop.

It is not possible to borrow our way out of this recession, the only solution is to cut back government spend, and cut it back big, not by 3% but 30%.

The bad news is that government borrowing is now predicted to increase according to a OECD report. In the case of scotland, the SNP has just won extra borrowing powers , with the SNP not hiding the fact it wants to borrow more believing in the Keynesian/central plan economic model. The below video illustrates the holes in the Keynesian economic model theory, and how borrowing the way out of a recession will never work, but just makes things worse..

Sunday, 8 May 2011


I think the next 4 years will be interesting under a SNP majority. With these so called cuts to pay for the debt interest, and the large public sector in this country, these cut will be felt very hard north of the border.

It will be used by the SNP as an excuse fly the independence flag, and the reason why the SNP will be waiting for 4 years before pushing the referendum bill, as it will be when the cuts will really hit, and the public become critical of the London parties.

However under independence, Scotland dependency state would end, the country could not continue with the large public sector making up 57% of the economy. However painful it may be, government size would need to be reduced drastically, but this needs to happen if this country ever going to have real growth, and not surviving on UK government hand outs.

Even if people voted No in the referendum, the London/Uk government would no longer have any reason to continue the Barnett formula as it is only used to bribe the Scottish people to keep the union, thus dependency state, massive cutbacks will occur.

Over the next 4 years, with a complete majority and virtually no opposition, we can expect more laws infringing on our freedoms such as the minimum pricing on alcohol and god knows how many other laws that may be in the pipe line.

I think it is time for a true libertarian movement to be born to hold this SNP government to account.