Monday, 19 October 2009

Edinburgh Trams

The current state of the Edinburgh tram works appears to have taken on the form of most modern governmental building projects of late; over budget, delayed and now will not be nearly as well built as first planned.
This latest saga however has less to do with mismanagement and more to do with the complete disregard for the individual’s property rights. In order to complete the works, electricity poles have to be erected next to the lines, of which the council are trying instead to join to the nearby houses. What really smacks of hypocrisy is that large numbers of these homes are grade-A listed buildings, which amongst other regulations are restricted from having outside adornments such as satellite dishes. These strict regulations however do not appear to apply if it is inconvenient for the council.
Some owners in the area quite rightly have pointed out that such attachment could have an adverse effect on the value of their property and that they should not have to bare the financial brunt personally. The council however appear to be steamrollering ahead and have responded by taking anyone who has made any objections to court. This is yet another example of one rule for those in charge and one rule for the rest of us.

Duncan Soutar

Scottish National Coordinator

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