Thursday, 24 March 2011

You don't own your property

Grandmother’s home to be demolished for Commonwealth Games after losing final legal b

We already pay tax to government for the right to own our own home, some of us work hard for most of our lifes, paying of the mortgage to one day with the peace of mind knowing we own our own home.

Sadly the labour/SNP believes you don't have the right to own your home, and if willing the will grab/steel your property away with little compensation.

The grandmother worked virtually her entire life, and is now mortgage free but the Glasgow council believe they have the right to grab property off individuals via force what should be rightfully the grandmothers property.

Labour/socialists will take what ever they can grab, including property of an old age pensioner backed up by the use of violence, force and coercion/

The next victim of government violence and immoral property grab could be you, fruits of you hard labour forcefully taken from you with little compensation.

From a new road extension or council profiting by steeling your property for the sake of selling on as a profit to a commercial developer.

If you believe your property rights should be protecting and not taken please join/support the libertarian party at

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