Sunday, 8 May 2011


I think the next 4 years will be interesting under a SNP majority. With these so called cuts to pay for the debt interest, and the large public sector in this country, these cut will be felt very hard north of the border.

It will be used by the SNP as an excuse fly the independence flag, and the reason why the SNP will be waiting for 4 years before pushing the referendum bill, as it will be when the cuts will really hit, and the public become critical of the London parties.

However under independence, Scotland dependency state would end, the country could not continue with the large public sector making up 57% of the economy. However painful it may be, government size would need to be reduced drastically, but this needs to happen if this country ever going to have real growth, and not surviving on UK government hand outs.

Even if people voted No in the referendum, the London/Uk government would no longer have any reason to continue the Barnett formula as it is only used to bribe the Scottish people to keep the union, thus dependency state, massive cutbacks will occur.

Over the next 4 years, with a complete majority and virtually no opposition, we can expect more laws infringing on our freedoms such as the minimum pricing on alcohol and god knows how many other laws that may be in the pipe line.

I think it is time for a true libertarian movement to be born to hold this SNP government to account.


Ali-Reza Anghaie said...

I hope you're right. The Anglo-axis, as it were, needs at least one beacon of Libertarian hope and movement. And it clearly won't be the US, England, Wales, Australia, or NZ. I do hope you are right and I wish you well from the US-side of the pond! Cheers, Ali

Anonymous said...

When will political parties defend those with mental health problems.

jgw2001 said...
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jgw2001 said...

It is your life & body, and if you want to smoke, drink or even take drugs, then that should be your choice.

We do have a drugs and drink problem in this country however threatening the public with fines or imprisonment is not the solution.

It is not the responsibility of government to protect people from their selves.

People who are addicting to drugs are better helped and served by charity rather than the threat of imprisonment by some large collective organisation calling it self government.