Monday, 10 August 2009

Borders and LPUK Scotland

I would like to take the time to both introduce myself as well as provide assistance that I can with regards to LPUK Scotland. It was great to see some members on August 1st in Edinburgh and I am appreciative of the distance, time, costs and personal commitments members have in being able to make meetings.

Further to this, and as you should already know, Donal Friery was asked to become Media & Press representative and Duncan Soutar has accepted the role of National Co-ordinator.

My involvement in Libertarianism started after I had left my birthplace of N.Y. to start a new life in Scotland and had the the unique perspective not often afforded to my fellow Americans. I now often offer up the notion that stepping back from a situation and viewing it from the outside provides insight not just on the topic but of one's self. Having watched with great discomfort the political and individual tides roll in against what I believed was right and just for a people I sought knowledge and discovery into what it was would be the solutions. In doing so I had to also accept that I may not know the true causes and must equally learn to understand them. In accepting that my perspective in such matters could be incomplete, thus lacking the ability to fairly make judgement(s), I became involved.

Like so many I have met since I looked at such places and people as Campaign For Liberty, the Mises Insititute, Liberty Alliance, Hayek, Bastiat, Rothbard, Dr. Paul, Griffin and so many others. I considered in matters of state what was being offered, what was being provided and what was being taken. I would not be the first and hope that I will never be the last to have a passion grow from this and would be willing to share, to those that so choose to listen, what I have learned to help them make better sense (if not a more informed decision) in such matters as individual liberty, personal responsibility and freedom from government.

What became of this passion? What use did I find of it in my life? What would I do with this ever increasing knowledge? I started responding, as so many have done, first in conversation then in writings and contributions. I found myself speaking infrequently on national radio to voice what I had learned and to show that there were, are and remain more options, more information and more questions that should be raised. Considering my passion I looked at the forms of government around me and sought to find something that truly represented my beliefs and philosophy. I stumbled upon an up and coming party called the Libertarian Party United Kingdom or LPUK. Understanding individuality the party offered regional representation and local government thinking. Going along to a recent meeting at the beginning of August showed me that the ideals of Libertarianism was not just an early American notion nor was it United Kingdom notion but rather, in true form to what I had long believed to be the case, it was an individual notion. Since joining and expressing my understandings of Libertarianism I was asked to become the LPUK Scotland party secretary.

I recall, as noted in so many places, the words of Thomas Jefferson "Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." With all of this in mind I write to shine the light on the growing involvement of Libertarianism not just in America but around the world and, more specifically, Scotland. I also have chosen to afford others the opportunity to learn, ask questions and consider the options Libertarianism offers to each in an up and coming forum to be held in the book retail chain Borders in the city of Dundee, Scotland. When I initially approached Borders I did so with the understanding that this would afford both a meeting place for members as well as an Ask the Libertarian approach to those that show interest. This could be followed up by further forums or to answer individual questions as well as assist in enrollment in the party or provide donations. Borders Dundee have offered a monthly slot should the turnout prove well.

Currently I am organizing a brief set of topics to cover to allow for questions. In discussions with Neil I noted that this would be about what Libertarianism is and not to enter into political conflicts with the audience. I would also, once confirmations are made, ask if members could promote this event through their blogs, forums and websites. Borders will present material on their website and promote this up to one month in advance in there store to help increase visitors. Further to this conversation, I asked if other Borders stores might take such opportunity and Neil said he didn't see why there would be objections and would ask. This could make the travelling easier for some and allow for more contact to be made. I should make it clear that, when I spoke about having such meetings I did represent I reflected LPUK Scotland as well as other like-minded libertarian groups. I am seeking both literature and backing of several inclusive of such groups as the Libertarian Alliance.

Steve Sexton
LPUK Scotland Secretary


Andrew said...

Hello Steve. Nice to learn who you are.

If this is what Borders are capable of doing, it's a reason to support them by buying stuff from them, which I do already. Perhaps their branches elsewhere might be persuaded to put on something similar?

Celteh said...

I'll certainly be visiting Borders a bit more often, is there an event planned for the near future?