Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Passport Control Set Up For UK Domestic Travellers at Prestwick

Unless Young Alec Salmond has declared UDI at lunc, why has Stratclyde Police set up a Passport Control post at Prestwick ?

Or is this just another example of unelect Chief Constables getting out of control ?

Whats the Laland or Gaelic for Ausweiss Bitte.


We sent an email to Strathcyde Polis, Alan Johnson and the Home Office

I have just had a stroppy inspector on the phone from Strathcyde in response to our email

Whats the problem with showing your passports

I know nothing about this

Are you upset because you are English

I'm not scared of politicians

There must have been a security operation on

They would have been asked professionally and politely

What is the Law on showing your ID to the Polis when asked then.

If you have got a broken window I can help

You are better off contacting Pitt Street Glasgow, because I can't help you

They are out of control- This one incident alone is justification for elected Chief Constables.


Ray said...

Hmm. How long before they start to check ID on trains too. Then will come the border control booths on the roads ...

Costello said...

"Whats the Laland or Gaelic for Ausweiss Bitte. "

No idea about Lallans but Gaelic would go something along the lines of "CĂ irt-siubhail, mas e do thoil e." ;).

Wormit Steve said...

I called Prestwick Airport who were unable to comment as the woman I spoke with had no knowledge of the event. She kindly passed me the immigration number (interesting, I thought, when this should not be relevant) to contact. Upon speaking with immigration I was advised the standard blurb that passports are used by airlines as a form of I.D. I replied with the details found, omitting whom the parties in question were but noting that I may be traveling and was curious. The gentleman replied that perhaps this was due to the other powers of stop and question as the police may have been looking for someone. My reply seemed to dumb-found him as I noted that these people were in point of fact M.P.s He provided me with the Strathclyde police number 01292 511 234 having first noted providing me with a switchboard number. I asked if this would be for the same Strathclyde police that operate out of the airport but he seemed less forthright at that point.

As the immigration official agrees, there is no other reason for such action I would be curious as to why the parties in question submitted to it without question.

Wormit Steve

Guthrum said...

They submitted to it, in the same way they submitted to the House of Commons being searched.

They are spineless and intimidated by the Police.

Faux Cu said...

The Strathclyde Polis have always had a desk at Glasgow Airport for incoming flights from Belfast.

I remember a stooshie when two Ulstermen, who were going to the rugby international, were asked for their passports.

I know they were Polis in those days, five or six years ago, because despite their lack of uniform my inquisitor was a sergeant at Paisley nick and a mate.

Incidentally I always carry my Identity Card with me.

It was issued to me 8 days after my birth in Glasgow and is now no longer valid, it has no photo of me then or until 16, but it is the only fucking ID card I will ever carry.

karenthepouser said...

what ofa load nonsence the usal big brother state at it again I stay 7miles from Prestwick

from Karen Occardi
Libertarian Party Member