Tuesday, 12 October 2010

FACT: You are being LIED to

You are being LIED to.

Taxes are increasing
Inflation is about to balloon
Morse senseless wars are being planned
Your basic freedoms are disappearing
Debts are rising
Government has expanded


Government is out of control. VAT is to increase from the end of this year from 17.5% to 20%, fuel tax up, council tax could also inflate as Labour/SNP jumps in bed with the unions to minimise cuts in the planned budget increases . Don't forget the hidden tax of inflation as government prints more money out of thin air, with inflation this year already well over 3%. If you include government hidden taxes prices on average have risen by 5% with most of us on pay freezes or even pay cuts. Nearly 40.9% of your earnings on average goes directly to government. if you include direct and indirect taxation, and this figure is about to increase even further. In the last ten years we now work on average 60 days more just to pay for government and public sector salaries.

Public sector spending is virtually out of control with Public sector salaries on average is at least 30% more than private sector workers, in some parts of Scotland such as Dundee the pay gap is much wider, and public sector productivity is as much as 30% less.

Government has only inflated, in the last 10 years the UK government budget has increased from £367.1 billion in 2001 to nearly £696 billion today, even taking in account of inflation(CPI rates) this is an increase of nearly 60% in real terms. Based on the governments own figures spending should rise to £757 billion in 2015, even including inflation(target rates) this represents no cuts in government spending. With the increase of government size you would have expected real improvements in health, education and crime figures however evidence shows otherwise.

Debt currently stands at nearly £903 billion pounds and to increase in the next 4 years to £1.4 trillion with total interest payments up from £40 billions today to £70 billion in 4 years time. The total debt which will need to be paid back by our children is equivalent to £22,796 for each adult/child with some reports suggesting figures as high as £73,000 when including unreported debts. (source http://www.cobdencentre.org/2010/08/the-uk-is-broke/), These debts can never be paid back by this generation and will be left to our children or even children's children to be pay back. It is unethical to even think we're leaving a debt crises to the next generation.

Worry about your own life's, with the current SNP or even a future Scottish Labour government is guaranteed further rights and freedoms will disappear. We already have strict drink laws and from early next year, no retailer will be able to display cigarettes.This is only the tip of the iceberg, police can arrest you for what ever reason even if a crime has not been committed, more CTV cameras are being installed and a thousand more laws are being passed, even protesting will only result in being arrested, charged and put in prison. Thousands have already been imprisoned for crimes involving no victim or threat to the public. Your basic freedoms have already disappeared.

Government has virtual declared war on its own people, but has also declared war abroad. Wars are currently raging in Iraq and Afghanistan and the government has not ruled out Military action against IRAN even if no initiation of force is used against the UK. This will only result in thousands more UK citizens forcefully sent to a foreign country to their deaths.

The Libertarian Party is different, we stand for-

  • Minimum government.
  • Maximum Freedom,
  • Self responsibility.
  • Minimum taxes, including abolishing income tax and council tax.
  • Against war and foreign interference.
  • Against government bureaucracy .
  • For private property rights.
Its time to reclaim your liberty.

join, donate, volunteer. Standing still and doing nothing is no longer an option.

Join the Libertarian Party today.

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Andrew Ian Dodge said...

Self-responsibility? I would re-phrase that as personal responsibility.