Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Suggested Leaflet campaign.

I have designed a leaflet, however I would like other LPUK members input before I order 5000+ leaflets.

I'm planning to delivery them at least around the Edinburgh Area.




Belinda said...

I would have said 'arrested and charged' rather than charged and arrested ...

thegoodburgher said...

Hi John, I think you need to look at the layout, simplify. It needs to have more of professional look, less of a 'done on word' appearance.
Whilst you are, I assume, going for visual impact, there are so many colors and font styles mixed together that the immediate message is struggling to come through for me. The coloured text boxes I think are the main problem and are distracting and detract from the seriousness of the message.

The blue background and party policy section looks fresh, clean and contrasts nicely with the black of the footer background.

Remember, you have seconds to get someone's attention between the letterbox, the rest of the junk mail and the bin.

The footers look ok, but I'm not sure about the gradient on the text though, 'maximum freedom' is a strong statement, not something that fades and tails off.

Lose the 'you are being lied to' (and the chrome effect, this is not the web or the early 2000's) it makes me equate this to one of those shouty amateur conspiracy websites. I don't think you want that association. Perhaps ask a question instead, 'What has recent government achieved?' backed up by the facts and leave it to the reader to draw the conlusion.

I hope you find this criticism constructive as it is intended, not an attack on your graphic abilities! If you are only doing 5000 I wonder if you've worked out a strategy for areas you'll be targeting.

Good Luck!

jgw2001 said...

Thanks Belinda, I will make those changes.

jgw2001 said...
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