Saturday, 6 November 2010

Big government is a problem

The UK government is only getting bigger, government in the last 10 years has inflated by 60%, next year VAT will increase to 20%, fuel tax is up and council tax is about to inflate. We all work more days for government than ever before. The video below highlights the problems with big government and how it always results in spending getting out of control.

The Conservative Party in power promised to reduce the size of the state, however the opposite is true and continue old labour policy of increased debts, printing money out of thin air, increase spending and even more taxes.

The Libertarian Party is currently the only party in Scotland determined to significantly reduce the size of government and keep government off citizens backs. Never before since the 2nd world war have citizens liberties been at stake and being taken away from us via the back door.

If you believe in your personal liberty, freedom from government bureaucracy telling you how you can or cannot live your life. If not happy paying so much money to government, and virtually nothing in return but other than constant waste such as the Edinburgh Tram system or even the indecisiveness of government coming to projects such as the Forth Road crossing spent on money virtually stolen from its citizens.

Its time to reclaim your liberty. Please join, volunteer and donate to the Libertarian Party.

Standing still is no longer an option.

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