Monday, 8 November 2010

Police are not above the law.

I would like to thank the Old Holborn for highlighting the above clip. The police are there to serve the public not the public to serve the police. Above clip shows the real hidden brutality of the police service in this country, and only cases which have been real evidence.

In Scotland the Police have more powers than south of the border including powers to arrest any one who they deem has breached the peace which can be virtually on anything or even failing to give over personal information. The police can interview you or prevent you from seeing a solicitor for the first 7 hours of any interview.

Don't try to complain about your treatment, as even on the Lothian borders police site they have a clear warning if you make what they consider "false complaint" the will prosecute you, and this in clear black and white. How can one expect the police to investigate it self, its virtually impossible for the public to be given priority over the police officer that is being complained against. The police will only be dealt with if a law is been broken and not for malpractice, which normally results in most of us losing our jobs.

Back in August 20010 a teenage drug addict died in the cells, being watched over by the police, however the police officer in question is still walking the streets, in a job and never suspended as it would happen for the rest of us.

One can make a complaint to the Police Complaints Commission for Scotland which has 14 staff members, so any complaints on any police force can never be investigated seriously specially with nearly 16,675 police officers in Scotland.

CTV cameras have now become more rampant with even special police van with cameras on top driving around the city streets of Scotland doing nothing more than harassing the general public. Courts now become so use to CTV images as evidence, that a convention is now more unlikely with out CTV, so expect even more CTV watch your ever move. Big brother is no longer a game show.

If the police don't like the look of your car or what you wear expect to be randomly stop and searched more often, over random 100,000 searches under the terrorist act with virtual no prosecutions,

As a libertarian I believe the police should have no more rights than the member of the pubic and be held to account by locally elected police constables. With the SNP polices backed by the big 3 parties the police have only obtained even more powers.

Freedom is only disappearing, reclaim your liberty.

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