Friday, 1 April 2011

Rally Against Debt: 14 May

Taxes continue to rise, debts are increasing and left to the unborn, more money is being printed out of thin air resulting in out of control inflation. Public spending is out of control with public sector unions demanding more of your money.

On 14th of May, you can take a stand.


Alex said...


I am an American Libertarian of Scottish descent. I'm strongly supportive of Scottish independence, but it seems like all the Scottish Independence parties are left-wing.

Is there any Scottish party that supports independence, but also supports Libertarian ideals such as small government, low taxation, elimination of the nanny state, elimination of labor unions, gun rights, et cetera?

I keep looking at various UK political parties, and all of them seem very imperfect - one will support independence, but is a hardcore Socialist party. Another has ideals similar to American Conservatives, but supports the monarchy. They all seem hit-or-miss.

I appreciate any insight you can give on this topic. Thanks!

Alex said...

Sorry, an addendum to my question.

I'm also wondering, in the unlikely chance that there is a party that fits the description I listed, if they also support bringing back Gaelic as the official language of Scotland. I strongly support this (and am teaching it to myself).

jgw2001 said...


Real freedom is taking ownership of your own life, however independence would result the Scottish dependency state or big government collapsing. The public sector makes up nearly 57% of the economy, and with independents, such a big government is something that Scotland would not be able to afford. Even if the referendum goes the other way for the support to the union, there would be no reason for the London government to keep the barnet formula, as it is only used to bribe the Scottish people not to go down the independence route.

What ever happens, the dependency state will come to the end, it will be very painful however it is required for Scotland to have real economic growth rather than a economy depended on London hand outs

Alex said...

That doesn't really answer my question, but thanks for the response.

jgw2001 said...

We don't have a policy on the issue, and I can't see the Libertarian Party denying the people a referendum. If it came to a referendum then I would vote "yes" for Independence.