Saturday, 13 February 2010

Eighty One Days To Go

We have eighty one days to the General Election widely predicted for May 6th, whilst we are only putting up a few candidates and endorsing a few independents on the basis that this is going to be an 'Anyone But Gordon' Election, and we are focussing our efforts on Local Elections, this is still going to cost money.

If the Cameronian Conservative Party gets in, they will need opposing just as hard as the Labour Party, if it is a hung parliament Politics will be a bit more interesting at both local and national level.

My job as treasurer is however to prepare for the upswing in political debate.

In the meantime we still need to up our donation rate, so please give generously as a member or as one of the LPUK's supporters. Monthly Standing order forms can be quickly set up to our account so please contact us at

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