Sunday, 21 February 2010

Protest Allowed In Edinburgh Only If The Correct One

We have confidence in the Police.......... to break up our political opponents protests.. Rights and responsibilities according to

David Moxham of the STUC, which is supporting the march, said participants would be urged not to become violent even if provoked by SDL members.

"We have enormous confidence in the police, in the stewards and in our own people, so the likelihood of trouble has to be very small," he said.

Superintendent Lesley Clark said the force was confident it had "contingency plans" in place to respond promptly to any trouble.

"We have been reassuring people that while we have no reason to believe there will be any cause for concern, we will take appropriate action to deal with any anti-social behaviour and criminal activity."

This appears to include arresting people using armed Police and taking away computers.

Whethether you agree with the SDL and EDL or not, once the Government of the day starts using the Police in this way, they can do it to anybody left or right as they please.


Osama Saeed, of the Scottish Islamic Foundation and an SNP candidate for Glasgow Central, said it was a "further humiliation" for the SDL. "They only got ten minutes in the rain last November in Glasgow. They didn't even get that today."

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