Monday, 8 February 2010

Flight From And To The State

Over on Tom Paine's he is commenting on Mark Thomas' assertion that the UK should invade Jersey, because all of the 'Pirates' that are avoiding 'rightful' Income Tax by relocating their businesses there, or Switzerland or other non hostile business parts of the Globe. Whilst Mark Thomas is doing this tongue in cheek, it does hightlight that business is not set up in the UK to be the Milch Cow of the State, or to be unpaid Tax gatherers. The State is not an equity partner, it takes no risks in the venture it just bleeds the Cow dry. So what incentive is there to stay ?

Of all the dividend payments that were made in 2009, 25% came from just two companies, the vast bulk of dividends came from just five companies. Nu Labour has rendered the UK to be one of the most unprofitable places to do business in the world. The productive sector is just upping sticks and voting with its feet.

The Flight to the State is from older applicants rather than going on the dole, applying to University, up twenty per cent on this time last year. This is not taking into account this is an early snapshot, as the application season is no where near over. This is a laudable alternative to sitting watching Jeremy Kyle all day, as long as there is genuine education happening, not some of the more utterly useless courses on offer.

So when Blair said Education,Education,Education did he really mean as an alternative to full time unemployement in a bombed out economy ?


Wormit Steve said...

Should I dare to compare the aforementioned to that of slavery? Would not slaves that could find escape from the chains that bind them flee? Would not those still enslaved seek easiest means of existence going so far as to appease their captives? Would not the over worked slave seek the comfort of menial tasks?

With the manipulation of the exchange currency, government created monopolies of state nationalisation and government robbery for questionable programs via taxation men, women and children slowly become slaves of the state.

When people realise that government can restrict choice, instill force and proclaim it for "the greater good" maybe more will seek to break such chains that bind them as well.

sound money man said...

Its true that if the burden of regulation and taxation make a business proposition unworkable, then it will either move abroad or it just won't happen at all.

However, I don't blame Jeremy Kyle's audience demographic for the decline of this country.

I am more inclined to blame that portion of the corporate elite who do very nicely out of government patronage and/or the elimination of their competitors through regulation.

The ultimate source of corporatism is the central banking system.

Funny money out. Taxes in. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Wormit Steve said...


I have no problem with freedom of speech but you should pay for advertisements if you want to fly-post on this blog.

For the readers the above is a Asian adult site. It will remain up until Friday and then remove.

CrisisMaven said...

There were those good ol' times when non-interference was a principle of international law, now, on the deathbed, the interventionist states try in one last mad rush to stabilise their finances, alas to no avail.