Wednesday, 10 December 2008

£263,000 plus a 40% bonus

... of your money, going to chief quangocrat of Scottish Water, Richard Ackroyd. His staff, on the other hand, earn a salary of £23,000 or less.

Where is the outrage? QUANGOs are taxpayer-funded. What the hell has Mr Ackroyd done to deserve that much of YOUR money? He sells water, for christ's sake.

SNP MSP Alex Neil berated QUANGO chief execs for their "mega film star bonuses" - it's just a shame his party in power is doing bugger all about it. No surprises there - the SNP are no different from New Labour in their regular careless ripping-off of the taxpayer.

Wouldn't it be nice, as one commenter put in in the related Scotsman article, to read John Swinney or First Minister Fishcakes had cut this man's pay down to £50,000 per annum? But as we say up here, aye right ...

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