Tuesday, 16 December 2008

SNP Nurses

Now the SNP have been fairly shameless in their exploitation of Scottish nationalism - as regularly illuminated by Scottish Unionist - most recently in attempts to bring about a fairly unnecessary-sounding dot-scotland web domain, and a Scottish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Now I have no quarrel with Scottish nationalists generally; indeed I consider myself one. I love my country, socialist warts and all. It is my personal view that Scotland is better off within the Union, but as a Libertarian I also subscribe to the view of voluntary secession - that if the Scottish people want to secede, they should be allowed to, by voting in a referendum. I would never presume to know that the Union is best for Scotland, and thus enforce my opinion by not letting the voice of the people be heard - it is just my opinion. Hell, I believe if an individual wants to secede from the State and declare his house the Fiefdom of Narnia, he should be allowed to.

So I have sympathy for the independence-driven nationalists out there: they clearly believe in their cause strongly, and if they manage to convince enough people that independence is the right way forward, I may disagree, but I'll accept it. I personally favour a strongly-localised Union with a central UK government basically limited to the core functions of national defence, some tax, immigration etc etc. I think most revenue-raising powers should be localised, as should all primary legislative powers - so I'll watch out the conclusions of the Calman Commission with a keen eye.

But what irks me about the SNP's exploitation of Scottish nationalism is the superfluousness of it. Is there any actual necessity for getting a Scot onto TV singing some crap song alongside the regular Polish, Latvian and Austrian wailers? Is it necessary to demand, as the SNP intend to do in their 2011 census, whether or not you consider your national identity to be either British or Scottish?

There's something almost indoctrinary about it, and in the latter's case, psychologically coercive, as well as intentionally divisive. What about someone like me, who considers himself a legitimate Brit and a legitimate Scot (and half-legitimately Welsh - I was born in Cardiff!)? There's loving-your-country style nationalism, and there's resentment-style nationalism - "we're Scottish and we dae like the English cuz ay Bannockburn"; that kind of thing.

Which is why, call me cynical, but I can't help but consider Nicola Sturgeon's unveiling of new NHS uniforms to be a little suspect:

"The traditional doctors' white coat was consigned to history today as health secretary Nicola Sturgeon unveiled new uniform guidelines for NHS workers.

Medics in Scotland's hospitals and clinics will wear blue tunics instead of white coats."


scottF said...

i wouldnt use the term nationalist.it has too many negative and collectivist connatations for my liking i prefer the term seperatist.i consider myself a scottish seperatist .

i too advocate voluntary secession.

i have a more hardline view of the union believing it is illegitimate due to the way it was entered into and see it as part of the british empire imperialism.im aware thats a radical view.

"Evidence unearthed in late 2005 under the Freedom of Information Act has shown significant UK government concerns over the rising tide of Scottish Nationalism during the early part of the 1970s and the consequences that this may have had upon ownership and control over the UK's North Sea resources. A report written by the Scottish Office economist Gavin McCrone for ministers in the mid-1970s indicated that with ownership of North Sea oil, an independent Scotland would have "embarrassingly" large tax surpluses.[16][17] The report also stated that the economy of an independent Scotland, with control over the majority of UK North Sea oil revenue, would have one of the "hardest" currencies in Europe and that "for the first time since the Act Of Union was passed, it can now be credibly argued that Scotland's economic advantage lies in its repeal."[18][19][20]"

im not sure how it should work
currently westminister has far too much power over the 4 countries thats a huge jurisdiction and a incredible amount of control over other nations.

personally i favour either a opt in/opt out tax or totally privatised defence police judicial system with ministers to oversee this runs smoothly and a bill of rights .im undecided about the whole minarchism/anarcho-capitalism issue as of yet though currently i favour a radical minarchism.

im in favour of local police and courts even community police force.

it does see rather dividse and bigoted the SNPS still of nationalism.

its just more of the SNP SAYING WE OWN YOU WE WILL decide everything about you.

Thomas Ogilvie said...

I'm just glad that Nicola Sturgeon chose to unveil the new uniforms and not model them herself!

Dan Vevers said...

"I'm just glad that Nicola Sturgeon chose to unveil the new uniforms and not model them herself!"

:D I think we all are haha