Tuesday, 16 December 2008

This counts as a Parliamentary motion?

H/T Crap Holyrood Chat:

"S3M-03109 Kenneth Gibson (Cunninghame North) (SNP): That the Parliament congratulates SNP councillor Anthea Dickson, elected on 11 December 2008 to serve the people of Kilbirnie and Beith Ward on North Ayrshire Council in
Cunninghame North constituency; notes that Anthea more
than doubled the SNP share of the vote from 23.4% in 2007 to 48.9% in 2008 with a swing of 15% from Labour; is aware that in 2007, even as the SNP won Cunninghame North by 48 votes, it polled 831 fewer votes than Labour in
Kilbirnie and Beith but has now polled 424 more; recognises that Labour has two branches in the area, including
Scotland’s biggest, two Labour clubs and that the MP Katy Clark has two offices in Kilbirnie and Beith, and believes
that if the SNP can win in such traditionally strong Labour territory it can look forward with confidence to even greater success elsewhere in the months and years ahead."

Why is such totally pointless partisan crap allowed to consume the time and resources of our Scottish Parliament? Can someone please enlighten me?

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