Sunday, 7 December 2008

What the ...?

I can only presume this is meant to have the ex-pats sprinting back to our soggy shores.

Cost to the taxpayer for this cheesy tosh: £150k. But guess what? This, ahem, charming musical video is in fact only showing in Scottish cinemas. Now, quite aside from the fact that, as a resident of Scotland, and a fairly frequent cinema-goer, this travesty of cheese would in fact count considerably as a factor towards making me choose not to go to the cinema, thus reducing the cinema's potential revenues in these troubling recessionary times, how on earth are ex-pats and tourists expected to view this film if it's only being shown in Scottish cinemas?! Are the chances of them searching into YouTube "Caledonia Homecoming 2009", or even a variation of suchlike words, all that high?

Another one and a half hundred grand well spent by our government!

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