Thursday, 4 December 2008


We finally have up and running the Unofficial Blog for all Libertarians north of the border, affiliated to the UK Libertarian Party.

In time, the hope is that we'll be able to establish and grow a base here in Scotland, beginning with, sometime in the near future, the opening of the official Scottish regional branch of the Libertarian Party.

This blog will be dedicated in the main to discussing Scottish issues, from a Libertarian perspective, though not restricted to that alone. There is a broad range of opinions on all sorts of issues on the Libertarian political spectrum, from issues national to international, from economic to social, but they all tend to have a common theme - how can we best promote the cause of freedom, individual liberty and responsibility, and limited government. That's what we're all about. We're different from any other party you'll find in this country, in that we stand for enhancing YOUR freedom, however we practically can, on whatever issue we can.

The behemothic structure of our State is detrimental to us on so many levels - in an economic sense; in a democratic sense; in a civil-liberties sense. Chances are, you're probably less free than you were last week, for one reason or another, whether it be through a new addition to the 26,000 laws we've seen in the past 11 years of New Labour, or through some fiddling, meddling, nonsensical directive coming from our unelected overlords in the European Commission.

In Scotland, we are posed with a false choice. Stick with Labour, and stay as a strong Scotland within the union! Or: Stick with the SNP and gain your freedom!

False choice number one: the longer Labour stay in power, the higher the likelihood that the Scotland AND United Kingdom we hand over to our children will be weaker; less free; more bureaucratic, with a more bloated government. And don't get confused: the Tories and the Lib Dems are offering you nothing significantly different from the status quo, which goes something like this: you give us more of your money, your liberty, and all we ask for in return is your unswerving obedience.

False choice number two: Freedom? Freedom from Westminster is not freedom if the result is simply a heavier reliance on EU technocrats. Besides, the SNP have shown they are just as nannying and incompetent as Labour, attempting to raise the drinking-age to buy alcohol in off-licenses - not pubs, by the way, just offies, for some mental reason - to 21. That's just one among a whole litany of other idiotic policies which I shall take delightful pleasure in dismantling right here on this blog over the coming months.

So watch this space!


Guthrum said...


scottF said...

i agree.

libertarians need to be vocal about our opposition to the SNP.
there is not enough or really any dissenting voices against them.

i would really like us to grow into a scottish libertarian party.
at very least we could shake mainstream politics to its core and give the public some different viewpoints on a whole range of issues.

i know there is a lot of work to do.

good intro.